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06-03-2017 - - 0 comments
Sky's the Limit - the Spaceflight Scheme and Bill

On 26 April 1962, the United Kingdom made history by becoming only the third country in the world to successfully launch and operate a satellite, Ariel 1, in conjunction with NASA. In doing this, the United Kingdom placed itself at the front of the “space race” with the ability to stand alongside and compete with the two superpowers of the day.

As the technological revolutions of the last thirty years have shown, outer space can be as valuable as solid ground for the Earth’s nations but until last week the United Kingdom has been falling behind, compared to countries such as China, India and Japan which have developed well-funded and successful space programs over this period.

No longer.

05-03-2017 - Modwenna Rees-Mogg - 0 comments
Give me a thrill Spreadsheet Phil

March 2017

It's Budget week - the last to be held in the Spring.  Can Spreadsheet Phil give us all a thrill?

03-03-2017 - - 0 comments
The Business Model of Things

March 2017

The onset of the Internet of Things has unleashed a frenzy of new startup apps. In this cacophony of noise, who are the ones left standing when the music stops? The Chinese market offers lessons says Dr Arthur Krebbers.

03-03-2017 - - 0 comments
Just how valuable is your company?

March 2017

Dr Thomas Prock, Patent Attorney at Marks & Clerk LLP considers the importance of IP Rights when it comes to valuing a business.

03-03-2017 - - 0 comments
Academics to the rescue: University innovation and venturing surges ahead in 2016

March 2017

In the shadow of Brexit, overall investment activity into startups has dropped in 2016, yet high-tech companies based on university research have bucked the trend. Dr Richard Reschen, Senior Technology Transfer Manager at Oxford University Innovation, examines what is driving the bullish enthusiasm for these spinouts.

05-02-2017 - - 0 comments

February 2017

The instinct of the average person when we are seeing so much global change is to hunker down, but angels are not average people.

01-02-2017 - - 0 comments
The Dynamics of AI Entrepreneurship in the UK

February 2017

MMC Ventures' David Kelnar looks at the dynamics of the UK AI market

With every paradigm shift in technology, waves of innovation follow as companies improve and then reimagine processes. Today we are in the early stages of the global artificial intelligence (AI) revolution. Machine learning algorithms, whose results improve with experience, enable us to find patterns in large data sets and make predictions more effectively — about people, equipment, systems and processes. (For an accessible introduction to AI, read our Primer.) But what are the dynamics of AI entrepreneurship in the UK?

Below, we share six powerful dynamics we see that are shaping the UK AI market— from changing activity levels and areas of focus, to trends in monetisation and the size and staging of investment.

01-02-2017 - - 0 comments
Start Up Communities: How Pooled Effort is the Way Forward

February 2017 

When you’re just starting out, being an entrepreneur can be lonely. The very fact that your job is the business that you have crafted and are passionate about means that you can never quite stop working. The enormous time demands that a business can have when you’re first getting it going can mean that you start to feel isolated. And friends and family may not appreciate the strength of your passion for your start-up – when you’re not an entrepreneur yourself, there’s only so far you can understand the experiences of someone who is.

01-02-2017 - - 0 comments
Wooing the Gatekeepers to the Crowd

February 2017

It can be tempting to adopt a Luddite view of crowdfunding websites. “They can simply upload a flurry of presentations and see what sticks.” Yet these platforms have evolved into some of the most effective online matchmakers. 40% of Seedrs and 50% of Crowdcube startups reach their funding goal, while their German peers even score success rates of 90%+ (eg. Seedmatch and Companisto). What then is their winning formula?


01-02-2017 - - 0 comments
How the UK Government can protect and develop homegrown tech

February 2017

On the 17th January, Prime Minister Theresa May outlined 12 objectives sought from a proposed “hard” Brexit. The point that really caught my attention, and that of Britain’s science and tech community was point 10 - keep the UK the best place for science and innovation.

09-01-2017 - - 0 comments
2017 - The year for investing in robotics?

January 2017

Dominic Keen, CEO of High Growth Robotics, asks if this is the year that investment in the robotics sector will reach new heights.

09-01-2017 - - 0 comments
Anatomy of an Angel - Brigitte Baumann

January 2017

Brigitte Baumann is the Founder and CEO of Go Beyond Early Stage Investing  (, a FinTech company transforming angel investing into a new scalable asset class.  In 2016, she was listed in Europe’s TOP 50 most influential women in the startup and venture capital space and Top Women in FinTech.  Brigitte has 20+ years experience in bringing new technologies to market in the US and Europe. 

08-01-2017 - Modwenna Rees-Mogg - 0 comments
Should State Aid rules be included in the Great Repeal Act?

Jnauary 2017

Brexit is on its way and “hard” rather than “soft” Brexit seems to be the direction of travel.  There are arguments in favour of this approach.  One big change, as long as we have time to prepare, is not necessarily a bad thing. 

08-01-2017 - Modwenna Rees-Mogg - 0 comments
Brexitech - the new investment opportunity!

January 2017

That's it, I know what I want to invest in this year...

11-12-2016 - Modwenna Rees-Mogg - 0 comments
Perfect presents for the angel in your life

December 2016

With Christmas soon to be upon us we thought we would give you some ideas to share with your loved ones who are stuck as to what present to give you!

11-12-2016 - Modwenna Rees-Mogg - 0 comments
What will 2017 hold for angels?

December 2016

Many of us will I think put 2016 to bed with a sigh of relief.  Disaster has not struck and for many in our world, despite the political shenanigans, it has in fact turned out to be pretty successful.  

02-12-2016 - - 0 comments
Anatomy of an Angel - John Regan

December 2016

John Regan is a serial entrepreneur who has built three businesses from start up to trade sale. 

In 2008 John turned his hand to Angel Investing.  Learn the secrets of his success in this month's Anatomy of an Angel.

01-12-2016 - - 0 comments
Love your enemies...... And invest with them!

December 2016

Dr. Krebbers suggests that when choosing an investment partner you would do well to move out of your comfort zone.  Read more of his blogs at

06-11-2016 - Modwenna Rees-Mogg - 0 comments
No tricks, just treats - new funds and reports reveal optimism about UK enterprise and investment

November 2016

The political uncertainty which is dominating the newspapers is dreadfully distracting, but for angel investors and their friends there has been plenty of other news this month which is essential to absorb if you are going to have a successful winter season. Generally the news is good...

06-11-2016 - Modwenna Rees-Mogg - 0 comments
A Creiseis in the Crowd?

November 2016

The latest set of EIS and SEIS statistics announce good news, but the devil is in the detail....

05-11-2016 - - 0 comments
Anatomy of An  Angel - John Caines

November 2016

John Caines is a director of Angels4Angels and a serial Angel Investor whose aim is to enable businesses and shareholders to achieve their goals following his own successful entrepreneurial career.

He founded a software business which he grew from start-up into a profitable £40 million turnover group over a decade before his successful exit in 2001 via an MBI and subsequent AIM flotation.


As Chairman, John has significantly influenced the success and very positive stakeholder returns in each of his appointments to date. As an Investor John has backed some 30 early stage businesses. He also co-manages the Angels4Angels investment syndicate.


He is the author of several books including “The Effective Entrepreneur” and is Visiting Professor, Bristol Business School 2010-13. John was awarded an OBE in January 2009 for ‘Services to entrepreneurship and businesses’.

04-11-2016 - - 0 comments
Not all robots are created equal: what to look for when investing in a robo business

November 2016 

Robo-investment businesses are on the rise. It’s a trend not lost on venture capitalists and individual investors looking to back the next big start-up success. Dr Richard Theo, CEO and Co-founder of Wealthify explores the opportunities on offer to invest in and back a robo business and the factors to consider to help potential investors pick a winner.

03-10-2016 - - 0 comments
Guest Comment - David Barrie, CEO of Wild Blue Cohort

October 2016

David Barrie, Founder & CEO of Wild Blue Cohort, an angel investment network in West London.


02-10-2016 - - 0 comments
Elbowing our way to the front of the queue

October 2016 

I would like to make the case that more entrepreneurs, VCs and, indeed, angels should be invited to lget their elbows out and lead trade negotiations now that the timetable for leaving the EU is now in place.

02-10-2016 - Modwenna Rees-Mogg - 0 comments

October 2016

Forecasting the future is fun but we try to base our predictions on reality!  Here are the 10 new trends in angel investment

30-09-2016 - - 0 comments
Anatomy of an Angel - Grant Calton

October 2016

Grant  Calton is a serial angel investor and a parnter at Ironbridge Capital Partners.

He has spent much of his career in the music and media industries as an entrepreneur and investor.

After a stint as a singer, he crossed over to the business of music and after establishing himself in the talent representation business, he moved to Australia where he spent 15 years as founder and CEO of a music rights and distribution business. Following its sale, he launched the global music TV network, The Box in Australasia, which he operated until its sale to MTV in 1999.

Following a year in the US, he returned to Europe where has founded a number of companies in property investment, e-commerce and film distribution.

05-09-2016 - - 0 comments
We're hiring! For a Customer Happiness Manager

September 2016

At AngelNews we have the best customers ever!

They range from corporates to advisory firms to venture capital fund managers to individuals.  Thanks to the success of our activities we now have lots of them! Therefore we are looking for hire someone who can help us to make sure that they have the best experience possible when working with us.

04-09-2016 - Modwenna - 0 comments

September 2016

Who are the movers and shakers who are making life infinitely better for angels? In our view it is these people!

04-09-2016 - Modwenna - 0 comments
Deal Envy - ByBox

September 2016

What were you doing back in 2002?  I as running an angel club and getting to know angels who have since become life-long friends.  Amongst those I met were Stephen Bullock and the Blakey brothers who in turn were busy investing in the early noughties generation of aspirational entrepreneurs. 

31-08-2016 - - 0 comments
Anatomy of an Angel - Stephen Bullock

September 2016 

Stephen Bullock: “My anatomy - the head of an angel and the heart and soul of an entrepreneur.”

Stephen is a successful entrepreneur and serial Tech Angel Investor with a portfolio of over 30 investments focused on Digital Media, Adtech, Cloud SaaS and B2B service companies. 

His portfolio includes rapidly growing and emerging sector leaders such as MirriAd (digital native advertising), Audiense (social marketing intelligence and audience insights), SalesGossip (Digital Community and marketing channel for retailers) Brandwatch (social media monitoring),and NowWeComply (smart automation for Compliance). Recent successful exits include ByBox (tech supply chain and logistics)sold to UK PE in deal valuing the company at £105M, where Stephen was Chairman from seed investment stage to exit.

Stephen takes an active Non-Exec Board role and consults to a wide range of portfolio companies and is recent past President of the London Business School Enterprise 100 Investment Club.

08-08-2016 - Modwenna Rees-Mogg - 0 comments

August 2016

It’s a quiet time for the investment market in August, but here are five things to consider doing around your angel investments this month

08-08-2016 - - 0 comments

August 2016

All investors want to be in on the next big thing and without a doubt there will be many an angel looking on with admiration and a bit of envy as the success seen by Octopus Ventures and Balderton amongst others who backed MagicPony in 2015 only to see it sell to Twitter for a reported $150m in June this year.  For a fuller story see

What are the lessons to take away from this stunning investment success?

04-08-2016 - - 0 comments
Anatomy of an Angel - Simon Thorpe

August 2016

Simon Thorpe is an angel investor, entrepreneur, coach, mentor and acts as non-executive director to and growth consulting with, technology companies. He runs his own business, Delta2020, is a senior advisor to Eleven Canterbury, a member of Cambridge Capital Group and Angel Academe.

In July 2016 Simon was named UKBAA Angel Investor of the Year 2016/2017

Follow Simon on Twitter @thorpesi

03-08-2016 - Modwenna Rees-Mogg - 0 comments
1/4% interest rate?  Not on the WiseAlpha platform

August 2016

With interest rates at historic lows, for investor hunting for income it may be worth seeking out Wise Alpha

03-08-2016 - - 0 comments
Angel Investment Insights - Peter Cowley

August 2016

Peter Cowley is a Cambridge-based entrepreneur, non-executive director and mentor of many commercial and charitable enterprises.  He has been investing in early-stage companies for more than nine years and in that time has made more than 50 investments, and had several positive exits.

He was named UKBAA UK Angel Investor of the year 2014/15. 



Twitter: @plcowley


04-07-2016 - - 0 comments
Joining the crowd

July 2016 

Kirsty Ranger is the founder and CEO of IdeaSquares. IdeaSquares supports entrepreneurs towards crowdfunding on some of the world’s leading crowdfunding platforms. 

04-07-2016 - - 0 comments

July 2016

In the next few years the winds of change will blow hard and soft.  One of the characteristics of angel investing, certainly for many UK angels, is that their portfolios are pretty much 100% exposed to the UK economy.  Both optimists and pessimists post the Referendum will be conscious that times they are a ‘changing. 

04-07-2016 - - 0 comments

July 2016

What a relief that we have returned to a semblance of normality in British politics.  After spending late May and June with the world transfixed by the Referendum, we can now get back to work.  Of course July and August are normally quiet times in the angel world.  Sun dappled yachts and villas tempt investors

27-06-2016 - - 0 comments
Anatomy of an Angel - Alasdair McPherson

July 2016

Alasdair McPherson has been an active angel investor since 2008 and is Co-Founder of Craigie Capital which was founded in late 2010. Craigie Capital is an active seed and pre-seed investor and is a partner of the London Co-Investment Fund.

05-06-2016 - Ian Warwick is Managing Partner at Deepbridge Capital LLP - 0 comments

June 2016

The Office for Budget Responsibility predicts that by 2019/20 the UK IHT bill will be £5.2bn.  Couple this with reports (, 2015) suggesting that 75% of UK adults still do not have a valid will and it is evident that there is still much work to be done in educating clients as to why they should consider estate planning as a key part of their financial planning.

05-06-2016 - Modwenna Rees-Mogg - 0 comments

June 2016

In the first of a new series, we profile impressive angel investors.  Simon Murdoch has been angel investing for 17 years and also runs Episode 1 an early stage venture capital firm investing in fast growing and high potential software companies.

05-06-2016 - Modwenna Rees-Mogg - 0 comments

June 2016

With the news so full of the Referendum and facts and figures being blended with vision and fear, we thought it would be amusing to look at both sides as if you were making an angel investment.  Investors and Entrepreneurs are taking both sides and for varying reasons.  Perhaps some of the thoughts raised below will help others who are still undecided to make a firm decision to vote in or out on 23rd June. 

05-06-2016 - - 0 comments

June 2016

Whatever the outcome of the Referendum, your life will go on....   On 5th July we will be discussing this vital issue at Life after YOUR exit, but read on to find out why.

10-05-2016 - Modwenna Rees-Mogg - 0 comments

May 2016

Headline numbers are always interesting, but digging behind the EIS and SEIS statistics is revealing.

09-05-2016 - Modwenna Rees-Mogg - 0 comments

May 2016

With the angel market busier than it has been for years, and many new angels joining the market, here are 21 golden rules for angel investing.

06-05-2016 - Ian Warwick - 0 comments

May 2016

Ian Warwick from Deepbridge Advisers considers the role of specialist fund managers in maximising investors' returns.

03-04-2016 - - 0 comments
  • Should angels worry?
  • Questions entrepreneurs must ask before voting on Brexit
  • The importance of understanding tax-efficient investments
07-03-2016 - Modwenna Rees-Mogg - 0 comments
  • Questions angels must ask before voting on Brexit
  • Springtime for angels
  • The Relativity of Risk
03-02-2016 - Modwenna - 0 comments
  • Why the smart angels follow Daddy
  • The impact of the Crowd on SEIS and EIS starts to show
  • The EIS Manager's Raison d'Etre 
12-01-2016 - Modwenna - 0 comments


  • Why Ziggy was an angel
  • Big themes for a big year!
  • Big Deal Flow? Big Deal!


14-12-2015 - Modwenna - 0 comments
  • With apologies to A White Christmas
  • AngelNews is coming to town
  • Santa Baby - with apologies to Eartha Kitt and Kylie!
  • What has luck got to do with it?
04-11-2015 - Modwenna Rees-Mogg - 0 comments
  • What does it take to get rest of the UK motoring like London and the South East?
  • 15 Heroines of the UK angel market
  • The Art of Disruption 
  • The right marketing
04-10-2015 - Modwenna Rees-Mogg - 0 comments
  • Sorting out my Social life
  • SITr up and invest!
  • Making Waves of Positive Change
07-09-2015 - Modwenna - 0 comments


  • The Archangels of the angel market 
  • 7 things the Punks can teach angels - plus one thing most angels can only dream of!
  • The latest cool trend in angel investing
  • Commercialising university IP (tax) efficiently 


02-08-2015 - - 0 comments
  • What the new EIS and SEIS stats tell us
  • 10 things to think about during your summer holidays
03-07-2015 - - 0 comments


  • Votes matter or do they?
  • Visibility: Clear
  • EIS and the little red box
  • The Smart Cities of the future just became the present
  • European Venture Capital Funds (EuVECA Funds)


31-05-2015 - - 0 comments
  • She who dares, wins!
  • Crazy crowd valuations. It's the tax breaks stupid, or is it?
  • A Smooth Exit - from a career in investment banking to independent alternative asset management 
26-04-2015 - - 0 comments


  • Are we in an Angel bubble? 
  • What to invest in after the Election
  • If People Are Your Biggest Asset Then Prove It!
  • #Financial_Promotions


25-03-2015 - Ayan Mitra, Crowdbnk - 0 comments
  • Top 10 things you must think about before Easter
  • Due Diligence Isn't Important To Investors - Adrenalin and Imagination Are
  • Building a Capital Markets Union ‐ the new sunny uplands of EU policy
  • Vistage Need Thought Leaders- Nationwide Opportunities
25-02-2015 - - 0 comments
  • SMEs Already Have Help To Grow Through EIS and SEIS Tax Breaks
  • How to hydrate your income before 5th April 2015 
  • EIS/SEIS/VCT - where next?
  • EIS: the end of renewable energy
  • SEIS: Time to take away the Punchbowl
09-01-2015 - - 0 comments

  • One Winner, one day? No Way!
  • Abolition of Stamp Duty on Growth Markets - has the Chancellor done enough? 
  • The VCT Industry Grows Up

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