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17-07-2017 - Modwenna Rees-Mogg - 0 comments
10 jobs you NEED to do this summer

Summer is the time for having fun and relaxing, but getting these tasks in hand now will set your angel life for a successful autumn if you do them before you head off for sand and sea.


1,     Ask each of your portfolio companies to prepare a Brexit Impact Report on how it will affect them and what they are going to do about it. 


2.     Investigate in which EU country your portfolio companies may need to set up an office (possibly an HQ) in order to access the Single Market if the Brexit negotiations do not end up with the UK having unfettered access to it.


3.     Chase up recent investee companies for SEIS and EIS certificates so you can complete your tax return.


4.     Get on top of the hot areas of new investment such as AI, robotics, Reg Tech and the resurgence of life sciences opportunities.


5.     Buy you ticket to the NEX Exchange VCT & EIS Investor Forum on 24th November and save yourself over £30. forum-2017-tickets-28419074216.


6.     Consider where you will get your deals from in the future. The arrival of a number of quality networks, clubs and platforms means there are many more better sources of opportunities than ever before.  Take a look, in particular, at Green Angel Syndicate, Shadow Foundr, Growth Capital Ventures and those using the Envesty platform


7.     Do some research into acceptable standards in terms of articles of association.  Do you really want to sign up to restrictions on the disposal of your shares in a business you have backed?


8.     Are we close to the top of the market?  Maybe – valuations in certain sectors would suggest so.  Decide what you think and set your investment strategy accordingly.


9      Revisit what will happen to the stakes on your investee companies in the event of your death.  Gruesome I know but check whether your heirs will be forced to sell and if not make sure they know what you have invested in, why and what they should do in the event that you are not around anymore.


10.   Have a think about your social media profile – LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, your own website?  Is it aligned to getting the best entrepreneurs to want your money over and above that from other people?  If not, do something about it so you start getting better quality dealflow come September.

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