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Dear Reader

I hope you had a good Easter.  

Should angels start to worry that they will be pushed back to just above friends, fools and family in the funding ladder?  This month we have some thoughts on what needs to be done to take on the early stage VCs and crowdfunders.

We have questions entrepreneurs should ask both sides of the Referendum debate. When the macro impacts seem to be so finely balanced it is going to be the fine (and selfish) detail people will need to rely on when they vote. 

We also have The Importance of Understanding Tax-Efficient Investments from Deepbridge Capital's Ian Warwick.

Sir Mike Jackson will be the guest speaker at the launch dinner of The Pluralists Club in a couple of weeks. The topic will be Invasion in the 21st Century.  If you want to find out more about this exciting new project from AngelNews please call us on 0207 720 1102.



PS we have opened the ticket sales for our VCT & EIS Investor Forum if you want to take advantage of our very early bird special offer.

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InvestmentAdvertsCheck out our NEW FundingforEntrepreneurs webpage. It is full of interesting investment opportunities for Business Angels and Venture Capitalists and shows you which ones are SEIS and EIS eligible



Issue 132
April 2016