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Dear Reader

I am looking forward to an exciting autumn.  If your diary is looking anything like mine, it’s going to be busy.  We are in full swing with preparations for The WiseAlpha VCT & EIS Investor Forum which we are pleased to announce is also going to incorporate a new “mini” conference within it which we have titled “The Efficient Transfer of Wealth” with a focus on BPR and IHT – increasingly popular investment choices for private investors.

There are certain people engaged in activities that really are making the world fundamentally better for angels – giving you more choice and more information than ever before.  They matter to you so do find out about them HERE.

We also profile Stephen Bullock in our anatomy of an angel and cover his recent exit in Deal Envy!  Check out also our profile of Sherman Fairchild the angel who in effect created Silicon Valley. 

The Pluralists Club is now established and growing.  If you are pursuing a portfolio career and want to make it better do give us a buzz on 0203 673 5573 and we can tell you what we are doing.

Have a great few weeks.




InvestmentAdvertsCheck out our NEW FundingforEntrepreneurs webpage. It is full of interesting investment opportunities for Business Angels and Venture Capitalists and shows you which ones are SEIS and EIS eligible



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