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12-12-2017 - - 0 comments
Top 100: Britain's Fastest-Growing Businesses

Online investment platform SyndicateRoom has launched a report which identifies the fastest-growing business in the UK. The report, entitled Top 100: Britain’s Fastest-Growing Businesses uses a methodology by Beauhurst to rank the country’s leading startups by their increase in valuation between 2014 and 2017. For the full list and ranking, including multiples of valuations, see here.


Payments unicorn TransferWise secured the top spot after demonstrating a valuation increase of 57 x over the course of the three-year period. Deliveroo comes in second, with a valuation increase of 56 x over the same three years.


“Our biggest driver of growth is word of mouth,” commented Kristo Käärmann, CEO and Co-founder, TransferWise. “We’re fortunate to have the support of world leading investors which means we can accelerate product development, but really what drives us is making money move across borders easier, cheaper, faster for the millions of people who need to manage their money across two or more countries.”


The first thing that springs to mind is just how inspiring they all are – from businesses that redefine our relationship with money to companies that are literally recreating the sun’s power on Earth,” commented Gonçalo de Vasconcelos, CEO and Co-founder, SyndicateRoom. “When we consider that these are the fastest-growing private businesses by valuation, it’s not surprising that the winners’ relentless growth is drawing ambitious investors to join the action.”


BookingBug, which comes in at number 14 on this list, provides powerful scheduling experiences that create profitable customer relationships. With three full-service offices in Boston, London and Sydney, BookingBug is the only platform trusted by hundreds of banks, retailers and governments to manage their most important customer engagement journeys that need to be secure, data-driven and fully integrated with internal software and systems.

“Our growth over the last few years has come largely from the industry itself”, explained Glenn Shoosmith, CEO and founder, BookingBug.  “No business should be raising money for the sake of it; the signal should come from outside. If the size of your market continues to grow, that can be a sign that you might need capital to keep pace.”

Together, the winning 100 companies span 12 different sectors, employ around 10,200 people and generate £605,945,417 in revenue. London has the vast majority of Top 100 winners with 71 of 100 companies headquartered in the capital. A major gender gap is present, however, with only seven female founders finding their businesses on the list.

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