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06-06-2017 - - 0 comments
The Go Beyond Investor Report 2017

The Go Beyond Investor report provides an update to the 2015 and 2016 reports on business angel portfolio strategies and performance. This 2017 report is based on investment data from 2008 through 2016. The report is unique in our industry because the data is actual rather than self-reported providing a fully auditable set of conclusions. It also analyses the portfolio of each individual investor on the Go Beyond Investing platform rather than aggregated or as a sample.

The Go Beyond portfolio approach continues to maximise chances of success for small and large early stage investors. Successful exits to corporate buyers have occurred at valuations between CHF 5 million (m) to 100m in what could be called the mid-tail of exits. In other words, Go Beyond investors have made good returns without investing in a unicorn. This approach encourages building a diversified portfolio with curated deals and investing in follow-on rounds of well performing early-stage companies and is key to achieving success through mid-tail exits. Go Beyond Investing facilitates this through its unique deal and collaboration platform, portfolio tools, and certified deal leaders who add value to the invested companies and investors.

• Go Beyond Investing’s community as of December 31 2016, included 439 early stage investors. 374 have invested at least once and 291 have already invested multiple times. Members come from 33 countries across 5 continents, with the majority in Europe. 42% are women. Members interact virtually and meet in various locations throughout Europe and the US. In 2016, Go Beyond Investing began activities in Africa and the Middle East.

• Go Beyond Investing’s community have made investments in 60 companies from 14 countries through 143 investment rounds. These innovative startups come from a wide variety of sectors.

• Go Beyond Investing’s community have portfolio returns and liquidity: CHF 17.6m has been invested returning CHF 15.7m in cash, before fees, to investors up to December 2016. Of the 60 companies invested; 4 have exited positively and 51 are still active. 88% of members who made at least one investment have a break even or positive portfolio return. 37% have annualized returns >= 20%. Investors with 5 or more investments have an average portfolio annualized return of 16%. Go Beyond Investing has enabled many of its members to achieve success through its innovative Fintech approach which provides:

• Cross border curated and benchmarked deal flow

• Portfolio strategy tips and tools.

• Professional deal leadership certification and a matching compensation program.

• Cumulative knowledge sharing tools actively educating investors both in a learning environment and “on the job”.

• Deal and collaboration platform with syndication vehicles for small investment tickets.

The Go Beyond team hopes that this report will encourage many individuals to become early stage investors. If you would like to learn more, please email Bethann Kassman, Co- Founder of Go Beyond Investing at

Reminder: Early stage investing is a high risk activity.

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