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13-06-2017 - Modwenna Rees-Mogg - 0 comments
The Secret Investor - film investing: is it time to reconsider?

It is a shame that film investing has become tainted in the minds of many investors, although recent scandals explain and justify this attitude. However, now that film and similar investment is covered by the EIS Scheme and therefore Advanced Assurance can be obtained, it may be time for investors to look at the current crop of opportunities out there, particularly ones being offered by people who sit far from those operators who were caught by the tax man.  

It is undeniable that the Creative Arts is a sector at which the British excel.  Whilst the risks remain high, there are gems to be found as in any other area of investment. And it is undeniable that film investment gives a non-financial reward in terms of the opportunities to meet the actors, visit the set and attend premieres et al.

Goldfinch Goodnight Limited is currently raising funds for the distribution of the completed film That Good Night starring Charles Dance and the late Sir John Hurt. With the film made and well known cast likely to attract the viewing audience, not least because it was Sir John Hurt's last movie.  You can find out more about it at IMDB. If would definitely be worth enquiring about the company's distribution strategy but Goldfinch Studios is an established outfit with a great team on board and a string of films and other creative media behind it. It also has tax professionals used to working with the EIS Scheme in place to make sure the rules are not broken.      

Another group that is fundraising for a film at the moment is BornTo Productions which offers the simple strapline of "Love Movies - Why not invest in one?" Similarly covered by EIS but offering films at pre-production stage BornTo is currently offering investment opportunities in films with story lines including a stalk ‘n’ slash whodunit with soap-style ensemble casting. It will be a marriage between the most successful TV format of the past 20 years and the most profitable movie genre (production costs vs. box-office returns) over the same period, a celebrity culture mystery drama with glamorous location photography. This idea is very much in tune with the tabloid big brother preoccupation of the current movie going audience and finally a terrorist siege drama which will tap into the recent riots/broken society pronouncements of politicians and reflect the violent society fears of the public.  BornTo specialises in low cost film production and offers the chance for investors names to be added to the film credits.  I suspect a large investment would free up more perks too. 



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