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13-06-2017 - - 0 comments

Not that I feel sorry for Mrs May for her desperate political miscalculation, I can empathise with what it feels like when something you hope for drastically does not happen. 


Times are going to be tough for a while now, and that is probably an understatement, but as we all know you can recover and get a better outcome than before if you take the right approach.  Who knows who will be Prime Minister in March 2019 when Brexit takes place, but many entrepreneurs and investors will have made a fortune before then and the great news about political uncertainty is that this is the time when the bold can step up and win.  The Tories will hang on, but even if another Election was to be called and the Labour Party was to win, the combination of Brexit talks and general political hiatus will mean that no government will have the time or enthusiasm to do much to fiddle with the law.  So we will keep the playing field we have and this means we can keep calm and carry on.  If the entrepreneurial and investment worlds screw their courage to the sticking post and don’t waver, we will drive the UK economy forward however hard the politicians try to stop us!

What are the entrepreneurial lessons from Mrs May’s disaster?

1. Don’t swallow your own moon juice – keep your fans close, but your detractors closer. 

2. Shades of Betamax and VHS – the winner can lose and the loser can win – it’s all about the marketing in the end.

3. When war is looming, don’t start battles you cannot be 110% sure of winning, especially with your own side!

4. Be careful of promising price (tax) rises without being certain your customers think you are currently undercharging for the same service.

5. Talk to your customers via the medium they want to talk to you – not the medium where you think they ought to listen to you.

6. Copy the best bits of your competition’s strategy.

7. The British like to say yes when they mean maybe or no.  Always clarify your position with a potential or existing customer and don’t assume you have made the sale.

8. Apple has survived without Steve Jobs. Your business should be able to as well. Never sell on the back of an individual alone.

9. In today’s world being authentic, nice, kind, empathetic, friendly and open is critical.

10. However small your advantage, nurse it and grow it and never hand it over to the competition.


And 10 more….


11. Be prepared to apologise. A bit of public humility did not do Bill Clinton any harm.

12. If you leave a void, the chances are the bad stuff will arrive to fill it.

13. Your employees will only remain loyal if you respect them and listen to them AND address their concerns.

14. Ambition is fine and always Seize the Day, but as soon as you have done so, get competent – if Mrs May had spent the last nine months acknowledging her weaknesses and doing something about it, we might have had a very different outcome last week

15. Tides roll in and out – don’t get stranded on the beach.

16. Some ridiculous % of opinion is formed on how you look and behave.  The words are a tiny amount. 

17. Don’t be a wolf in sheep’s clothing or vice versa (including literally). That red suit was a mistake Theresa!).

18. Telling people you don’t want someone else is likely to make them think you won’t want them. Then they won’t want you.

19. When most of your customers shop in Primark and Lidl, don’t wear leather trousers.

20. Have a cry when it all goes wrong, but pick yourself up, don’t make the same mistakes twice, hold your head up and carry on.

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